The Writers Bureau Short Story Competition 2019
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2019 Flash Fiction Winners

First Place Susan Kittles with:
Moving Day
Second Place Jim Goodman with:
Family Meal
Third Place Ruth Clarke-Irons with:
Where You Are Sleeping


2019 Flash Fiction Short List

in alphabetical order

Kathryn Barton - Punchbag

Dianne Bown-Wilson - Fork and Spoon

Deb Bridges - Debbie Harry

Sarah Cameron - The Reunion

Ruth Clarke-Irons - Where You Are Sleeping

Alison Folwell - Pinboard

Jim Goodman - Family Meal

Geoffrey Graves - Larry

Gabriel Griffin - Street Vendor

Josephine Hamblett - The Window

Paul Haynes - Flash

Richard Hooton - The Circle

Susan Kittles - Moving Day

Rob McInroy - The Truth of Broken Things

Rachel Moorhead - The Good Samaritan

Dorothy Parker - R.E.M.

David Potter - Cats

Janet Rogers - Misunderstandings

Sheri Turner - This Time Last Year



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