The Writers Bureau Short Story Competition 2019
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2018 Flash Fiction Winners

First Place Gordon Aindow with:
Second Place Rosy Edwards with:
Seek and Ye Shall Find
Third Place Michelle Christophrou with:
Stinky Play-Doh Guy

2018 Flash Fiction Short List

in alphabetical order

Gordon Aindow - Voicemail

Dianne Bown-Wilson - 1200 Tread Count

Douglas Bruton - His Hands

Michelle Christophorou - Stinky Play-doh Guy

Amanda Davies - Crosswords

Lesley Edwards - Burial Rights

Rosy Edwards - Seek and You Shall Find

Rhian Holvey - The Cost of a Heart

Conor Houghton - Christmas Day

Rachel McHale - Hanging On Every Item

Alex Morrison - Seeksorrow

Anthony Oswick - The Land of Peculiar Proverbs

Michael Pearcy - Telegram Boy

Ann Seed - Blue Day Blues

Rani Svanberg - Four Generations

Debbie Taggio - Tomorrow Will Always Find You

Claire Walley - The Thing Itself



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