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Poetry Course
Develop your ideas and style with the help of Alison Chisholm one of the UK's top poets.

Novel & Short Story Course
Plotting, dialogue and characterisation are just some of the techniques you'll learn to make your short stories and novels come alive.

How to Write for Competitions - and Win Course
Increase your chances of winning writing competitions by learning the secrets of success from two competition adjudicators.

Comprehensive Creative Writing Course
As a freelance writer you can earn a good income writing the stories, articles, books and scripts that editors and publishers want.

How To Market Your Book Course
Your book is published, now you’ve got to sell it! Our How to Market Your Book course will teach you how to promote your book, and yourself, to create sales, sales and more sales.

How to Write for Children
Writing for children is one of the most exciting, challenging, fulfilling and fun types of writing you can do. It's also an area of writing which is growing in demand and offers many opportunities to writers.

The Complete Copywriter Course
Come boom or bust there’s always a demand for skilled copywriters. Billions of pounds are spent each year by businesses looking to attract clients and to do this they use adverts, sales letters, TV/radio commercials and so on.

Proofreading and Copy Editing Course
As a freelance proofreader and copy editor you can earn a good income making sure that written copy is professional and error free.

Non-Fiction Writing Course
Non-fiction writing is by far the best place to start your writing career as it provides the largest potential market for your work. Plus, you can draw upon your existing knowledge and experience for material to write about.

Article Writing Course
Learn to Earn from Writing Articles. As a part-time freelance writer you can earn a very useful extra income from writing articles.

Fiction Writing Course
Writing fiction is a wonderful, creative form of writing. You can let your imagination soar and your characters will take you places and do things that will surprise and delight you.

How to Write Biographies, Memoirs and Family Histories
People's lives make terrific stories. Biographies, Memoires and Family Histories are fun to write and can provide a great way to start a writing career.

How to Write for Profit Using the Internet
For a writer, the Internet is an invaluable tool. Used properly, it will save you time, money and help you sell more work.


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